Fuels, Oil & Gas Trading Company


We're an international trading company.
NEWCOIL makes trade happen.

And we make it our mission to do that responsibly and ethically.

We deploy skills and our international network of reliable end Sellers and shipping and storage companies to move physical commodities from places they are produced to where they are most needed.


NEWCOIL is able to procure, sale and deliver to any End Buyer worldwide, in a reliable way, any kind of commodities, especially any kind of petroleum product, Crude oil, Gas, adopting international standard transaction procedures, complying with ICC and Incoterms rules.

NEWCOIL, thanks to his managers, their hight professionalism and strong know how in this field, is able to guarantee the maximum efficiency and reliability.

Our resources

Our main resources are our Suppliers, our Managers and our Buyers.

Our transactions

In our transactions, we operate only through primary international banks, in full compliance of AML (Anti Money Laundering) rules.

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